AT A DEPHT is a runway collection of women’s clothing. It reveals the nature of the duality of female nature from the side of contradictions – strength and fragility, naivety and sexuality, seductiveness and tenderness.

The collection was inspired by the mythical inhabitants of the depths of the ocean – sirens. In ancient Greek mythology, sirens personified a charming, but insidious sea surface, under which sharp cliffs and shoals are hidden.

A nautical theme permeates every look, revealing in open shoulders and backs; in short tops and tight-fitting trousers; in draperies and frills, reminiscent of the crests of sea waves; in the lightness of textures, referring to the sea ripples; in colors – from warm sand to deep sea green.

The materials used are strict suiting fabrics combined with delicate flowing organza. Also, all products are complemented with elements or accessories from natural pearls.

AT A DEPTH – that the female soul, like the underwater world, is full of depth and beauty.