LET’S LIVE is a Ready-to-Wear collection of women’s clothing for the No Season 2022-2023 season. The collection is ideal for creating a capsule wardrobe and is designed to bring inspiration and hope for a brighter future even in dark times.

The collection is woven from memories of the period of the late 90s – early 00s: from punk rock to the aesthetics of Gohn Galliano, Tom Ford, Versace, Alaїa shows. The kitsch inherent in the 00s is intertwined with the sexuality of the 90s. But this external game of naivety only emphasizes the inner depth, self-sufficiency and femininity.

The capsule consists of 11 things:
– two jackets;
– two pairs of trousers;
– skirt;
– corset;
– shirt;
– blouse;
– T-shirt;
– top;
– dress.

The main idea of each product is compatibility. Using only 11 items of the collection, you can get a large number of images, complementing them with the necessary accessories and shoes.

LET’S LIVE is a manifesto of naivety and sexuality at the same time: a play on contrasts and textures, our trademark intricate cut, corset lines, eye-catching cutouts, feathers and beaded embroidery.