«Staycation» is a Ready-to-Wear women’s clothing collection for the Spring-Summer 2024 season. The collection reflects the idea of inner relaxation and self-discovery. The name «Staycation» combines the words «stay» and «vacation», symbolizing a journey to one’s own inner world.

The collection features structured and soft silhouettes, each of which is self-sufficient and easily combines with other pieces.
Inspired by the 80s, it combines masculinity and femininity. Wide shoulders and waist emphasis highlight the strength and grace of the female image.

The collection includes 12 pieces suitable for both casual days and special evenings: a nettle trench coat, cotton pantsuit, silk blouse, sheer top, knit skirts, a swimsuit in basic colors, viscose tank top, and dresses of various lengths.

The central piece of the collection is a red mesh dress, decorated with draping; the skirt gathers at the drawstring, creating a contrast of styles and symbolizing inner strength and energy.

Various textures and materials are used in the collection: structured denim and taffeta are combined with silk chiffon and mesh. Lightweight sheer materials in the garments symbolize the lightness of being, while unfinished edges remind of its fragility and imperfection. 

The color palette of the collection includes natural shades of white, beige, pink, red, and black. They symbolize peace, harmony, energy, and life force, reminding of the variety of inner experiences.

«Staycation» is an inner journey to the depths of oneself, discovering new possibilities in everyday things. The collection embodies a mindset of life as an unpredictable but always unique journey, to be approached with an awareness of the importance of every moment.